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Éric St-Pierre


Born at Saint-Pierre-de-la-rivière-du-sud(1), in 1969.

A virtuoso (Mr. St-Pierre has been playing accordion since he was 3!), and a very prolific and talented composer (and a very charming fellow to boot), it is quite surprising not to see him perform more often at various festivals.

He has studied under the famous accordeonist Marcel Messervier (to whom he dedicated the Reel de la boutique , for the long hours spend in his shop) and Martin Connelly (another famous accordionist player/maker, from Ireland).

Mr. St-Pierre played in numerous groups, such as Chantier (2000-2001) — with which he performed in Cuba, the group Lustukru (1997-2000), the Troupe du Vieux-moulin (1996-1999) — with which he made a tour of England, and with the Orchestre Gamache (1986-1996).

Many of his pieces are now standards in various sessions (such as Le voyage and the Reel à Ti-Bé).

You can hear him play some of his compositions on two self-produced CDs(2) (seer Discography).

For those who would like to invite Mr. St-Pierre at an event, he can be reached at 418-248-2191, or by e-mail at


6/8 La grosse île
Galope à Frédérick
Galope de St-René
Hommage à Junior
Hommage à Nathalie MacMaster
Hommage à nos ancêtres
Hommage à Réjean Simard
Hommage à Stéphane Landry
Hommage aux gigueurs
Reel à Denis
Reel à Mario
Reel à Raymond (Hommage à Raymond Messervier)
Reel à Ti-Bé
Reel de la boutique
Reel des mésanges
Reel du testament
Reel Florent
Reel de Montolieu
Valse Arianne
Valse Colette
Valse Gilberthe
Le voyage


"Gigues, reels, polkas, gavottes" (with the group Lustukru), Fonovox (VOX 7938-2), 1997

"L'hommage", Self-produced, 2005

"Accordéonistes du Québec - Dans tous les cantons" (Reel de Montolieu & Galope de St-René), 2006

"Éric St-Pierre", Self-produced, 2006

(1) There is no relation, I was told, between the name of the village and Mr. St-Pierre's family name.
(2) Available at the SPDTQ's on-line store.

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