L'histoire de mon vieux coq
The story of my old rooster

Yvon Mimeault
The story of my old rooster, as told to me by Mr. Mimeault :

Act 1 (or Part A, for the musicians)

A farm in Gaspesia, as young boy Yvon walks accross the yard he is attacked by the old rooster — a big grey Plymouth Rock weighing in at about 12 pounds. Yvon, with injured leg and pride, pulls out his sling-shot and faces the rooster (just like in a Sergio Leone movie!). As the beast turns its head sideways to look him in the eye — roosters turn sideways for a face to face — Yvon takes a shot. The bird, hit in the head, falls to the ground. Yvon, after making sure nobody saw him, leans it against a fence where he can discretely keep an eye on it. After a while, the rooster, who was only knocked out, gets up and staggers back to the henhouse, to the relief of Yvon.

Act 2 (Part B)

The next morning, as usual, the old rooster hopped on a fence to wake up the whole farm, but he was now singing out of tune.
André Brunet & Martine Billette — Goderich Celtic College 2008 (Youtube)

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